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under lightbulb sun

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power corruption and lies
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an academic, musician, writer, and photographer rocketing around the east coast in search of happiness.

my music
-at the sixty-one


really really old stuff:
-cherry: 1997-2001 misc silliness/things that have been published

-les sp graphics

strange and ancient
-which pumpkin are you?
absinthe, age of innocence, amnesia, anais nin, analog recording, ani difranco, audrey tautou, autobiography, baltimore, bass playing, bjork, black and white, boone's farm, boss pedals, british airways, captain jack, catherine the great, chicks on speed, cities, cockeysville, colette, corsets, crazy european crap, criminal justice, crimson, culture criticism, d'arcy, dark rum, darkwave, david lynch, ddr, decadence, douglas adams, dreaming, dresden dolls, driving aimlessly, drugstore, eastern university, editorials, eleanor of aquitaine, elizabeth i, elizabeth wurtzel, emily bronte, europe, fat bob, fender, foreign film, foreign languages, france, french, garbage, getting lost, gloves, going nowhere, guitar playing, hedwig, hell, history, hole, holga, human rights, independent film, j-bass, jan saudek, jaywalking, joy division, lars von trier, laughing, law school, le coeur, le tigre, lomography, london, long distance anything, long wool coats, lubitel 166, ludwig van beethoven, maiko, medieval history, melissa auf der maur, midori, more history, mulholland drive, music, new order, new wave, new york city, noir, nonfiction, other people's clothes, oxford, paris, paz, philadelphia, photography, pj harvey, placebo, politics, portishead, public transportation, radiohead, randomness, rasputina, recent history, robert smith, rufus wainwright, russia, russian history, septa, sharpies, short fiction, sigur ros, silent bob, silent film, siouxsie and the banshees, sleater-kinney, sleeping, slr, smashing pumpkins, social justice, sociology, st. petersburg, staralur, stewie griffin, stockings, super 8, symbolic interactionism, taking stuff, the 12th century, the 1920's, the cure, the mooninites, the new yorker, the underground, the white album, tipsiness, tlr, travelling, true color, vintage books, vintage erotica, vladimir nabokov, vodka, wandering aimlessly, washington dc, web design, writing, yelena yemchuk, zelda fitzgerald, zwan

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